Port au Prince, Haiti, Here I Come

This summer I have been given the opportunity to go to Port au Prince, Haiti with Cottonwood Church! It’s an adventure I cannot wait to embark on. For those of you who do not know me, I love adventure, the rush of adrenalin rushing through your veins and that bold leap of faith to say I’m going and there’s no stoping me or changing my mind. I’m going to Haiti for a mission trip with a team of 12 others and we will be helping with Maranatha Children’s Home by helping them prepare for English Camp, repairing and cleaning some of the facilities needs, or really just whatever needs to be done there. I’m really excited to experience and see first hand what it’s like even to be a short term missionary in a third world country such as Haiti. I’ve been on one other mission trip in Denver, Colorado when I was 13 in 2010, and that was really exciting for me, but here I am 4 years later finding myself going on a different kind of mission trip. Here are three practical reasons why I plan on going.

1. My family is planing on adopting from Haiti.
2. Because people who have already gone to Haiti before me say you have to go.
3. I feel I have been called to go.

I can imagine this trip will radically change my life more than any other time God has changed my life.

So if you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to help me out go check out my Go Fund Me page

If I didn’t supply you with enough information or you want more please check out the following links:




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