Life Degaje

Degaje is Haitian Creole that roughly translates as “role with it” “go with it”
“make it work” or “make do.”

Degaje is the newest word in my vocabulary, and I’m not just talking about my Haitian Creole vocabulary, but I’m talking on my day to day life.

Remember how m post before last was filled with revolutionary ideas how I was going to continue planing out my life, but at the same time refusing to waste anymore time, and finally go with the flow everyday all because of my revelation that I had a year an a half to get my act together? “So much for foolproof and revolutionary…” are my thoughts as I’m writing this, but at the same time I’m reminded at how much I stride but in a frantic pace. In short, degaje is my new favorite word, notwithstanding of my frantic ways of thinking “what’s next?”
I know what’s next, in fact, I’m half anxious and half ecstatic.
Let me give you some current examples so that way I’m keeping you up to date at the same time.

1. Haiti: This is probably the event with the biggest anticipation of everything I’m planing. God has been faithful to provide nearly half with still 2 months to go!

2. School: Finishing this year before Haiti is stressing me out, but I also I want to start my Senior Year two weeks after I get back from Haiti. Now the part that is really nerve-racking is getting ready for college as a homeschool student, and thus begins me worrying. One worry is the decision if I take the SAT, ACT, or both. Another worry is if I’ll hit all the deadlines to apply.

3. Graduating early: It’s been my dream if you will, and I’ve had believers and nonbelievers that is could be done. I’ll be ecstatic if I actually do it, even if it is just barely a semester early, but I am however worrying about what about pride if I prove the unbelievers wrong, what if I disappoint the believers, and what if stay lazy?

As you can see I’m still trying to go with the flow, even with these things coming up, but honestly, I haven’t been relying on God fully as I should, so maybe that’s my problem.

Actually I saw a quote recently that said, “Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as everything depends on you.–St. Augustine

I think that’s an interesting perspective, but I could honestly go on about how perspective goes for me from time to time… this perspective though is about relying on God and me working. That’s really how it’s done.


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