Haiti 2014 is Almost Here

Cottonwood Church- Haiti 2013

After setting out on my 9 month journey to go to Haiti I’m finally leaving in two days! For 10 days I’ll be in Haiti and here are some of the basic things you could be praying for as my team and I go out on Wednesday to Port au Prince…

•Safety: Pray that God puts His hands over all of us.

•Health: Right now 80% of Haiti has this crazy thing going around called Chickungunya –meaning “bent man”– check it out here. Pray we don’t get sick.

•Wisdom: We all will be put through challenges throughout the week. Pray that we are wise in all decisions and actions we make.

•Peace: That we would all be free from worries and rest in the peace of Christ.

•Relationships: Pray for us all to be friends after this trip. Heat, stress, lack of sleep, and itchy mosquito bites can make anyone really grouchy. Pray for grace in our words to one another.

•Service: Pray that God would give us all servant’s hearts. We are there to encourage and serve to our fullest even when we’re all burned out.

Also pray for our luggage. Pray for no lost luggage at all.

In advance, thank you.

Going to Haiti is really exciting as I’m going to be doing things I’ve never done before. Such as flying and going to a third-world country. It’s not everyday you realise that you are going to change and that God is going to doing something big for you long term and even short term. As I’ve thought about this opportunity more recently I’m reminding myself God has called me to go there for some reason. So with out a doubt there’s going to be some challenges, situations, and wild experiences I’m going to go through to learn what it is God wants me to. Going into it however knowing that I’m likely to mess up worries me a little, but at the same time is comforting because humans mess up.
I will post on here sometime after I get back, so until then pray and degaje!

Hebrews 13:18
Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a clear conscience, desiring to act honorably in all things.




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