Goodbye 2014, Hello Adventure

2014 was a year of a few firsts, many lessons learned, and more change. In the beginning of 2014
I made goals hoping to make a new beginning for myself after 2013 left me in a daze and in ruins of myself. If you want to know more read some of the adventures from 2013 here.
2014 unraveled it became more and more about Haiti, but less and less about important things in general. Check out Life After Haiti part 1 & 2.

Looking back at 2014 I’m thankful, thankful for the things I did for the first time like going to Haiti. I’m thankful for God providing for me diligently, but most of all, above and beyond what I asked for. However, 2014 had it’s disappointments, discontentments, and distress, but even in the bad times hope gleamed enough to keep me pressing on. God was good to me in 2014, but I still don’t understand things like the bitterness and negative thoughts I’ve had in the past year.

2015 is off to a pushy start, I’ve got work to finish and deadlines to make, but most of all I want to start this new year by renewing my mind. There are things I don’t want to change, but it’s too late for that, my life is changing, God is moving in the unknown, doing I don’t know what and I feel disoriented, but trying to be hopeful God works all things for my good even if it doesn’t make sense.

Walking into 2015 here are my prayer request

1. For my friend Macen battling cancer to be declared cancer-free in February.

2. For the renewing and healing of my mind as it’s been in dark places in the last year.

3. For future friendships this year though growing and building.

4. That I would trust God’s will in my life as there is the known and the unknown.

5. For my anxiety and depression that cause so much pain I pray for rest and peace.

Goodbye 2014, Hello Adventure

Here are my goals for 2015, goals God-willing succeed.

1. To read more books and to read my Bible more.

2. To graduate from high school.

3. To go visit friends and family this summer. 

4. To get a job this summer at a camp as a councillor.

5. Lastly I hope to overcome my negative thinking, anxiety and depression.


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