Camp Eagle Walkabout Month One



On August 15 I moved to Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas to turn a new leaf and leaving behind a life of living with my parents, attending church as a staff kid and spending long days in my room. After now spending a little over a month at Camp Eagle the way I live my life is completely different from any normalcies I have set for myself, and in many ways it’s great! I get to stay exceptionally busy with logistics, doing the youth group in a small town, off days in town, and backpacking trips once a month. BUT there’s some days, ahem, every day there’s some sort of struggle. Some days it can be getting out of bed in the morning because someone thought it was a great idea to stay up playing volleyball until 10:30 at night. Don’t ask who had that brilliant idea because that person is probably an idiot who likes to stay up late anyway.
Or some days it can be after a group leaves and you have to clean the Guad after 9th and 10th grade stayed in there for a few days. If you forgot or don’t know, don’t let me be the person to remind you or tell you.
OR if you’re like me an obstinate, territorial, defensive, shy, introverted and have high functioning autism, stepping outside of myself and work to make friends when I am not inclined to go out of my way to let people be my friends. In addition to relationships the Walkabouts were all asked to pick mentors of the Full Time Staff for the 9 months and in the beginning I didn’t like the idea of someone being my mentor because as an independent individual who has found out it’s easier to live life alone because it’s normal and comfortable to do things my way, I didn’t want someone trying to “fix me” or get to know me. In short, relationships are exceedingly difficult, and in fact I knew if there was anything that I was going to struggle with in this walkabout program relationships would be it



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