Rugged Adventure

The Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition of the word adventure:”
transitive verb

This is what happens when you come between a tree and a rock while mountain biking in Chaco sandals.
This is what happens when you come between a tree and a rock while mountain biking in Chaco sandals.

 1 : to expose to danger or loss : venture
2 : to venture upon : try
intransitive verb
1 : to proceed despite risk
2 : to take the risk
: an exciting or dangerous experience

I’ve now been at Camp Eagle for two months and made it through some rugged adventure as you can see on your left here, but that’s one of many adventures I’ve been able to do. Unfortunately the only one I have a picture of at the moment, but here are some fun adventure filled things I’ve done other than coming between a tree and a rock while mountain biking.

  1. I can now say that I’ve summited a mountain with a 50lb backpack; it was exhausting, but totally worth it.

  2. I’ve been real mountain climbing at Enchanted Rock, meanwhile realizing I love climbing and should do it more. Check out the details on the rock I climbed here.

  3. I attempted using a tarp shelter to protect myself from a storm blowing through, but somehow still managed to some extent out of my tarp shelter upon waking up, however, I did keep warm while remaining slightly wet the night before. Furthermore, I also survived 24 hours in the backcountry of Texas alone.

  4. I can proudly say I’ve also survived white water kayaking down the Rio Grande, but shamefully got it stuck in the rapids, abandoning my companion and escaping to the rock next to us. Sorry, Heidi.

  5. While rappelling isn’t per se dangerous, I’ve been rappelling down an 80 ft. cliff and a 170 ft. cliff without the peril of going upside down like Spiderman, and yes, I have seen someone hanging by their harness like Spiderman.

I know that above is some outdoor adventure I’ve experienced personally, but there’s really cool ways I’ve gotten to help other people experience adventure and the love of Christ while I’m here at camp.

  1. I know how to facilitate most of our activities here at camp such as our Zip 850, Zip 3K, rappelling, super swing, mine house, Sherpa Trek, rock climbing, and assist our Power Pole aka Leap of Faith.

It’s all really cool to see a variety of people do some of these fun, yet sometimes daunting activities and even see them overcome fear whether by actually by doing the activity or even trying to overcome by getting hooked in.
Overall it’s a crazy adventure that I get to experience over these next 7 months with some other really cool people who sometimes in of itself their friendship is an adventure of itself.





One thought on “Rugged Adventure”

  1. It’s been fun to hear about your adventures, Melody! Your writing style is very enjoyable. :)
    Keep on learning and growing–you’re awesome!


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